A Leadberry story: How money.net got 215 hot B2B leads in 3 months

Find out how Money.net’s business was boosted with 215 new leads with the help of Leadberry’s B2B lead generation software. A short interview with Andy Bodrog, Sales Director of Money.net.

What if your sales funnel just got backed by a new tool that is capable of B2B visitor identification? What if you could properly track and contact your website visitors and filter prospects that suit you best? We asked Andy Bodrog, Sales Director of Money.net what his key impressions were during his 3 months use of Leadberry.

Money.Net - a digital financial start-up from New York

Money.net aims to become Bloomberg's alternative on the market, providing real time stock exchange from even mobile devices. A complete financial platform, Money.net is a World First platform offering news, research and workstation. For a digital entrepreneur, it is key to keep up with potential new markets and stakeholders who wish to enter the stock scene.

Recovering leads and converting them to deals

Andy and the sales team of Money.net are using Leadberry on a daily basis. They also set up automated alerts for themselves, just to be sure they spot all companies worth to follow up. So far this is what we’ve achieved together:

Leadberry’s best features according to Andy:

  • “Setup was very easy… almost too easy. 😊”
  • “Great way to unmask companies that visited your website, but the main thig is I guess that the data provided by Leadberry is great. Everything we need to be able to go after a prospect.”
  • “Personally, I think that the LinkedIn integration was very useful.”


A closer look at the details

And finally, some extra tips from Andy:

“Send effective cold emails to prospects! The fact that Leadberry fetches email addresses for you actually makes the first part of your work pretty easy, but the rest depends on your e-mail (or social) outreach. For example, don’t send the same cold emails to all the dozens of email addresses Leadberry grabs for you. Look a bit around on LinkedIn who might be the right prospect - email addresses are most likely to be connected to names, so again, do a little digging!”

If all this sounds interesting, give Leadberry a try. Sign up for a free 30-Day full feature trial at www.leadberry.com and let the harvest begin!

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