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Business cards, LinkedIn integration, custom add to CRM option – all available now in Leadberry!

We at Leadberry, (being a B2B lead generation tool – not a tech portal) won’t bother you with all minor bugfixes or background developments, as these are automatically refreshed in the background, but important new features we added to Leadberry recently are newsworthy.

So, maybe you noticed already (if not, definitely have a look), if you open one of your leads, in most cases you’ll see “business cards” at the top of your lead info.

These are - just like a real business card - displaying company officers’ names, positions, personal phone numbers and email addresses. Thanks to our continuously developing algorithm and our ever tighter connections to the most trusted databases, if that data is available somewhere on the world wide web, we’ll find it for you.

To boost the social selling capabilities of LinkedIn (through Leadberry), we deepened our LinkedIn integration as well. From now on we will not only show you a prospect company’s LinkedIn page and shared contacts after a click, but will also display your connection’s connections in your lead view, so you’ll immediately know if you can call somebody with a little sales intro.

We’ve also added more details about your visitors’ metrics. You can also find this in your lead view: the exact path of visitors browsing your website are now shown in Leadberry with the exact time they spent on different pages of your website.

In addition to all the above, we also worked on our automatic CRM syncing, and now you can add your leads manually to your CRMs (historical data too) to make sure your sales team is always up to date about what to do.

You can do this from your main dashboard:

Or from your lead details view:

Do you like these new features? Would you have some suggestions for others? Please let us know!

There are more and more great new features coming up shortly, so stay tuned!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line any time, we’re happy to help!


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