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Leadberry has just been featured on Betalist!

BREAKING! All fruits gonna be jealous! The supernice folks at Betalist featured Leadberry on their site, so now we’re officially almost open to the world!

So there you go Betalisters, have a glance at this juicy Berry if you’re into B2B sales and lead
generation tools. And of course if you are a one who like berries.:)

What is Leadberry?

This tool is pure gold! We mean 100% natural leads rich in Vitamine-L! :)

Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software that converts website visitors to sales leads. Powered by Google Analytics. This tiny fruit
is actually no else but a robust web application that collects all accessible data
about website visitors, your business prospects, serving you the most valuable B2B
sales leads in quantity and quality.

Think of it like Google Analytics on sales steroids. :)

How Leadberry works?

Leadberry not just identifies companies that visit your website,
but collects social media and other valuable business data from the most
trusted B2B databases and Google Analytics. Features such as:

  • Direct email addresses to your leads - not just the generic ones like [email protected]
  • Phone numbers so you can get to the person you have to
  • Set automatic email reports and custom exports for yourself
  • See connected social media profiles to your B2B leads
  • Industry and company information
  • See info about visitor sources and visitor activity on your page
  • Connect to your favorite CRM

See the full feature list here.

How can you start using Leadberry?

Simple as throwing a Berry in your mouth! Once we are out of beta, sign up here and connect your Google Analytics account to Leadberry. After a short time you’ll begin to see your flow of B2B leads. Just click on them and you’ll see the most detailed information available currently on the web about your sales prospects, as described above.

Please do share all your experiences be it good, amazing or devastatingly poor, nightmarish, excruciating…. Etc. with Leadberry, we really count on you!

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