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Leadberry's Cold Email Templates - The Full eBOOK - part #1

We collected a bunch of tips, advices and exact examples of cold emails that you can put to really good use during your email outreach to prospects.
These tips will come especially handy if you’re generating leads with Leadberry’s B2B lead generation software and send your emails to warm leads - who already visited your site!

#1 Cold Email vs Warm Email

Your Secret Weapon To Land A Meeting With High-Status Decision-Makers

What you can expect from this guide

You’re about to learn the method which we call “Warm Email” at Leadberry.

You’ll learn:

  • The email templates that will land you a meeting with busy decision-makers
  • Why these templates work and what makes them warm and effective
  • How to use these email templates
  • How to get a response first time and what to do if they don’t reply
  • How to leverage existing corporate hierarchies to help schedule your meeting, instead of blocking you on the way
  • Finally you’ll learn how to schedule your meeting and prevent endless back-and-forth emails


The first step to any big deal is the first meeting.

If you write up your email correctly, the results typically look something like this:

  • Your response rate grows at least 50%+
  • You get lot less “unsubscribe” emails and you don’t offend anyone
  • You land on measurably more meeting


Anyone can replicate our results, even not techy sales people.

When you are starting out your responses will be much lower. But I guess if you get a 50% growth in response rate that will most likely be a huge improvement, right?

It doesn’t matter how much is your response rate right now. Imagine if you’d have a superpower and you could land a meeting with anyone. Who would you want to meet? What would you say?

Decision-makers don’t have time. It’s getting harder and harder to reach them.  They don’t answer calls or return calls. So, how do you get your foot in the door if you don’t know them?

Their email inbox is full and they have a system to prevent distractions. They receive hundreds of emails every day. How do you get them to respond to your email?

This is the method I'm about to teach you: how to land your meeting in 10 steps.

It’s not easy and you have to do your homework beforehand. But it’s worth the effort.

When I started my career in sales, I did cold calling a lot. The problem, those who run huge companies had never heard of our startup. Obviously, no one likes cold calls. You try to chase them and they try to hide and build a system against you.

I thought there must be a better way to get appointments with decision-makers without cold-calling. I began testing what worked and what didn’t. I read, practiced and measured every single step. I made every mistake you can imagine.

Decision makers learnt not to react on everything. They can’t. They’re already overwhelmed. They delegate.

Employees on the other hand are more focused on covering their ass than doing their job, especially in big companies.  They advance because they play internal politics. They do what their boss says. I’m going to teach you to use the “cover your ass mentality” to your advantage. Better yet the executive will do the work for you. It eliminates this uncomfortable feeling of cold emailing.

How to use these templates

The biggest mistake I see with cold emails: people don’t start it.

Read this guide, then update the template. Put them into a cold email tool, connect it with Leadberry, and let it run.  After some initial results, refine the system.

What gets measured gets managed”? I love the proverb, “What gets measure gets managed.” -- Peter Drucker

To be continued...

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