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Automate your lead generation with Zapier

Have you ever wanted to automate lead generation and prospecting?
Now with our Zapier integration you can do it easily.

You can save tremendous amount of time and hassle.

This was the #1 request from our users because it makes it easy to use the leads from Leadberry and tailor it to your unique situation.

Connect Leadberry with the tool arsenal you already use. With Zapier, it's possible to connect Leadberry to 750+ tools, you name it!

The benefits are endless:

  • No more manual data entry. Your sales reps hate this the most because it’s devastating for real pros. You get your leads right into your CRM or email tool.
  • No more long hours of data cleaning. Setup your filters in Leadberry, connect Zapier to your account and you get high quality, pre-filtered leads.
  • You can outreach to your hot leads automatically. For example here’s the way how we reach out through Zapier and Woodpecker automatically. It saves us plenty of hours every single day.


The use cases are endless, let’s see a few examples:

1) Add new leads from Leadberry to Pipedrive on autopilot. You can add leads to specific pipelines based on your customer avatar.

2) If you want to enrich or clean your leads before you give them to your sales team, it’s perfect to put them into Google Sheets. Perfect solution if you have a separate sales team who are only focusing on quality leads, and you’ve a separate team working on prospecting or lead generation only.

3) Get notified instantly about new leads visiting your website. A new lead visits and you get notified through Slack quickly. Though we have a direct Slack integration, you can use this Zap along with other Zaps. Save the new lead and instantly notify your sales team in a specific channel.

4) Empower sales with high-quality leads who already showed interest. A new lead visits your site, Leadberry pulls all its data and Zapier delivers the leads right into No manual data entry required, you can call them right away.

5) If you’re running Agile, having your hottest leads instantly within your Agile CRM is a great advantage. Imagine what you can accomplish when the hottest leads from your website become a sales lead in your Agile CRM automatically?

6) You want to run professional email outreach on autopilot? With Leadberry and Woodpecker (or any email automation tool, such as Quickmail, Mailshake, etc.) you can make it happen. It’s very important to write high-converting email sequences and set your filters in Leadberry - and if everything is set right, you’ll automatically outreach to these leads and save a huge amount of time.

Integrate Zapier with Leadberry now to establish an unstoppable sales machine! You’re only minutes away to automate the lead flow in your business.

You can find a step-by-step guide here about how to connect tools to Leadberry through Zapier.


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