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Explore more business potential with Leadberry - Similar Leads are here!

Leadberry has arrived to an important milestone with it’s new feature, the so called “Similar Leads” upgrade.

With this Leadberry is not only a visitor identification tool from now, but a proper gold mine of sales data, at your service.

What is this exactly?

Similar Leads is a brand new way to enrich your sales data with Leadberry.

Besides your webleads, we can search for alike companies in global business databases and list them for you based on the criteria you set. You can apply company Industry and Location filters in Similar Leads, so you can focus on the prospects that matter to you the most.

So besides hot web leads you can search for similar companies with Leadberry, which is an unmatched opportunity to give a boost to your sales efforts!

What data do you have on Similar Leads?

Well this is easy to tell: we can tell you all the data about similar companies as we tell about your “regular” web leads.

That’s right, all the company info, people data, LinkedIn connections are coming with Similar Leads too.

How much is it?

We’re coming to a good part now: there is no extra costs at all to access Similar Leads! All our current packages include the new feature. However, different packages show you a different number of Similar Leads monthly, you can check out the details on our pricing table.

We’re eager to learn about your experiences with the new feature. So if you had the chance to play around a bit with it, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment and share your story!

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