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Interview with Niels Peekstok - How to build up your sales pipeline from scratch

Niels helped B2B companies start an outbound sales funnel from scratch targeting a wide range of industries from hotels to airlines and nightclubs. You can learn the entire process from this interview!

Niels Peekstok

"I’ve only used cold email because I find it the most effective and scalable. What I outline below is the simplest way I know of doing this anyone can replicate, even non-techy sales people. This process enabled all startups to close 1-50k deals and several of them raised 500k+ in funding. Learn the entire process."

Questions we asked from Niels:

  • Let’s say I want to start B2B sales. What is recommended, how should I start? Is there any prep work I should do?
  • I think not everyone understands the mindset behind B2B sales, can you clarify it? (as I found, not all are aware that they should only target decision makers)
  • How do you define the best companies? What are the main qualifiers you use?
  • How do you define the decision makers you want to target?
  • Most people are terrified to reach out when they got started. Do you have any advice for them? How can you avoid being “cold” in your first reach out?
  • Do you have any copywriting advice for the first reach out email? Do you recommend industry best practices or you prefer hand-crafted emails?
  • Let’s say I want to scale my sales pipeline. What’s the most important thing you recommend?


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