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Leadberry's Cold Email Templates - The Full eBOOK - part #4

In the previous parts of this series we mentioned the difference between warm and cold emails, showed you some tested and working email templates and discussed the 10 core components of effective email outreach.

Now we move forward with the 14 + 1 Must-have Components To Get Cold Leads To Say “YES”. Read on!


1 - Write like you talk, as you’d speak to a friend. Don’t use office voice.

2 - Read out loud. When you finish your email, read out loud and make sure it’s flawless and you don’t sound like a robot.

3 - Followup. More than 50% of new business comes from the 2nd email.

4 - Get to the point and be transparent. Don’t use cheesy, tricky or shady subject lines. Be transparent, everyone appreciates it.

5 - Keep it as short and concise as you can. People are extremely overwhelmed. Expect 2-3 seconds attention span, like a fish.

6 - Personalize. Use the first name, that’s the minimum. Go a few steps further. Do your homework before reaching out. People sense the difference between a cold email and they love when you at least did your homework.

7 - Instead of reaching out completely cold, find a trigger. Why it’s important and why right now?

8 - Instead of reaching out completely cold, reach out for those who already show some interest. For example they visited your website? You can get their contact info easily even if they haven’t signed up to your email list.

9 - Don’t use images. Images makes email stuck at the SPAM filter. Many companies filter out emails with images by default.

10 - Write and email about them and never about you. This is the most common mistake we see: “Hello, I’m XY form Z company” or “we do XY”. Who cares? Everyone has their own problem. Put yourself into their shoes and write only about them. “I read your last article and seems your main focus is getting more leads. Do you need any help in that?”

11 - Don’t use the “office voice”, it’s boring. Even if you’re in a serious industry, other humans are sitting on the other side.
Create a Call-to-action with the smallest step possible. Never expect a commitment, just an easy-to-say-YES, for example “Yes, send me more ideas”

12 - Close with an easy-to-answer question. “Would it be OK if I’d send you a few examples?”

13 - Use signature. Never use anything like “XY Company” or “XY team”. Always be personal.

14 - Be aware of SPAM laws. Use full name, full company name, physical address, opt-out option for example “if you’re not the appropriate person, please let me know”.

+1 -  Use the PS section. Have you known that everyone reads it? Even those who are just scrolling emails on a mobile phone? After the Subject Line this is the 2nd most important section in your email.

Is there anything you'd like to add? Let us know!

The eBook continues, stay tuned!

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