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New Leadberry Integration: Slack!

We’re constantly working on tweaking Leadberry in order to become more and more helpful getting new businesses in the door. We feel that our new direct integration is going to be ground breaking, so let us introduce you the ultimate sales machine: Leadberry + Slack!

Connect Slack to Leadberry and you’ll receive your B2B leads in a dedicated Slack channel of your choice.

Why this is awesome?

  • Because even if your inbox is crowded, you’ll be aware of new leads, all the time.
  • By a click of a button you can see all information about your leads and you can start follow up right away.
  • If you’re too busy to go through all the leads on your Leadberry dashboard, just set up a filter to focus only on your target audience. Connect Leadberry and Slack so only the most valuable leads will land in your Slack channel.

You can learn how to setup the integration in a few steps here.

Some more ground hitting developments and surprises are on the way, so stay on the loop!

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