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Leads as you like it: you can set Leadberry’s core filtering sensitivity yourself!

A brand new and very important feature has just been added to Leadberry: you can set Leadberry’s filtering sensitivity yourself, this way control the quality and quantity of leads you’d like to populate your dashboard!


We always aimed to bring you only the best quality leads. We not only struggle to filter out obvious ISPs but actually all low quality hits, so you don’t have to filter through some data that you don’t need but you can focus on your best results at once.

We designed Leadberry this way for 2 reasons:

1 - Increasing usability

2 - As some of you surely know we used to have a monthly credit based model, so what we wanted to do is NOT burning up your money for useless leads. At the end of the day, we wanted Leadberry to win the “best value for money in the B2B lead gen universe” prize.

Since we switched to UNLIMTIED lead packages recently, we figured to upgrade our main filtering algorithm and let you be the judge of the amount and quality of the leads you’d like to see on your dashboard, as you don’t have to be afraid anymore about running out of monthly credits. And now you can see the result of this effort :)

So how does this work exactly?

There is a new section on your settings page under the filtering tab. You can find a little slide over there that lets you control the filtering sensitivity of the tool. You can adjust this to set the filtering strict / turned off completely. Important note: setting this filter to a lower sensitivity will most likely result in a much higher number of leads on your dashboard, but this will also mean that leads with lower quality scores will also show. You can adjust this filter any time, so you can play around with it as you like it!

From now on, a lead score will also appeared next to your leads making it fast and painless to tell whether a lead holds strong potential, or not.

Pro Tip: use our Zapier integration with your CRM and the new filtering update together to supercharge your lead gen game!


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