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Unlimited leads: the brand new version of Leadberry is here!

The story of Leadberry has arrived to a very important turning point.
On this very day, we introduce you the UNLIMITED packages of Leadberry.

This will affect all your life with Leadberry. From now on, Leadberry will deliver you UNLIMITED leads: no more monthly quotas, no more limitations!

What else is new?
Our packages will only differ in the various features that are included in Leadberry. You can check out all the details on our brand new pricing page. You may notice that our prices changed due to the the release of Leadberry’s new version. And that’s right, your eyes are not cheating you: prices dropped instead of rising! What else could make the beginning of this year even better?

How is that possible?
To put it simple, our endless efforts to develop Leadberry revealed a new method which makes it possible to forget monthly limitations and deliver unlimited leads for you.
Our efforts to make Leadberry better and more useful reached a milestone with this achievement (at least we think so), but of course that’s no reason to stand down now.

What does all that mean to you?
If you’re already a paid user of Leadberry, your account will be transferred to one of the new packages automatically, you must have received an email about it already.
Our old packages will no longer be available.

With our quite new integrations with Slack and Zapier plus having unlimited leads, nothing can stop you now from making your business skyrocket with Leadberry.

We’ll continuously work on new features, integrations and revolutionary ways to bring the best out of B2B lead generation. To say so, this is just the beginning of something even greater! :)

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