Social Selling: the art of understanding customers’ needs better

Social selling is a relatively new phenomena that is based on a combination of having well-oiled, researchable professional social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter); identified leads (potential customers) with B2B Lead generation software such as Leadberry; and having a sales team that proactively goes after contacts – based on Google Analytics data.

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Business cards, LinkedIn integration, custom add to CRM option – all available now in Leadberry!

There are a bunch of newly added Leadberry features we rolled out recently, and we feel these are important to share with our users.

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Leadberry and Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has been on the marketing horizon for a couple of years now and is lately becoming a buzzword among B2B sales professionals. 

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Getting from A to B in B2B: Tips, Tricks and Trends of generating leads in 2017 - Part 2

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Follow up on your hot B2B leads!

Things to do after your lead generation software has been set-up

 Many people believe that lead generation software will take away all their miseries and generate not only leads, but flesh-and-blood customers as well. This is an ‘alternative fact’ as they nowadays state everything that takes place in an alternative Universe.  Reality is, that unless you have a super, almost self-selling product or service that converts leads into customers, you will have to have a sales plan for what you will do, once you identified your leads from a lead generation software, such as Leadberry. This post aims to give you an actionable To Do list of such things.

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A Leadberry story: How got 215 hot B2B leads in 3 months got over 200 new business leads in less than 3 months by using Leadberry!



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Getting from A to B in B2B: Tips, Tricks and Trends of generating leads in 2017

Selling your stuff to your target audience is easier than ever in the digital age.  Selling your stuff to your target audience is harder than ever in the digital age. 

Whichever statement you agree with, you are right.  It has become easier due to technology and a whole bunch of automated programs and possibilities.  And it has become much more difficult because the same automated programs that will do your work for you (e.g. automate selling to a large part), will also do the selling work of your competitors (for them) and all this leads to information overload on the side of your respective target audiences.  The end result is a difficult maze of simultaneous pull and push marketing.  Customers will ‘pull’ certain information towards themselves to create awareness and understanding about a given product or service category; and companies of these same products and services will sprinkle - push - a similar high dose of information onto these same customers, ‘just to make sure’ potential customers are aware.

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We've been featured on Product Hunt!

We are now featured on Product Hunt!

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B2B lead generation with Google Analytics

98% of website visitors don’t fill out your contact form. While we all know that this behavior is unacceptable and should be deeply condemned, there may be other reasons, including:

  • More time to think about your offer;
  • Researching your competitors is still ongoing for them;
  • …Or your product/service simply does not meet certain criteria.

Whatever the reason is, you are losing valuable leads that could potentially become your customers. It’s frustrating if this happens through SEO, and costly if you run paid advertising campaigns (such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads) to acquire leads – which don’t convert.

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The 5 key factors to effective cold email outreach

First, the bad news: unless you are in the porn film industry, selling your stuff or services to complete strangers always required stamina, perseverance and the ability to keep chasing people not once, twice, but three times at least to make them listen to you and convert possible leads into customers.

The good news is that the Internet, mobile phones and emails simplified a lot of things for service providers and their sales teams in terms of reaching people who could be your customers.  In this blog post, we will dwell into the topic of key factors that you need to pay attention to when writing to people you wish you knew, but at this point you don’t.  If this sounds daunting, you may still opt out of reading this post, the porn industry is always an option for many.


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